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THE EMPTYHEADS SOCIETY Inspired by traditional skateboard graphics and designed by skate artist Matt Ramage aka @Luncht3am. Our goal is to bridge the gap from Web3 to IRL skate / lifestyle culture and fashion through strategic merch drops, brand colabs, and events. The Emptyheads Society is a community built brand and our holders are the driving force behind its growth from the ground up. Ownership grants you the ability to vote on new activations, merchandise, and experiences proposed by the community. These proposals (once approved) will be paid for by the Emptyhead War Chest which will be seeded with 20% of the initial mint sales and funded by 40% of The Emptyheads Society after market royalties. Holding a Genesis or Master Collection will give you access to The Emptyheads Artist Collective. We will be releasing limited quantity IRL skate decks from known guest artists paired with a twinned NFT. Holders will have priority access to purchase these decks. All holders will have a free claim for every Artist Collective edition NFT drop. The Emptyheads are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. We utilize a low gas contract to minimize the cost of minting up to 70%. **OWNERSHIP AND COMMERCIAL USAGE RIGHTS ARE GRANTED TO THE CONSUMER OVER THEIR NFT.**


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